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Founded in 2008


Costcon Construction Services was founded in 2008 by Lloyd Bernstein, to provide a quality selection of services and expertise to clients that are second to none in the industry. Lloyd is the President/Chief Estimator and brings to each project over 45 years of construction experience on individual projects valued in excess of $1 billion. He was the previous president and founder of Albecon, a successful general contracting and consulting firm, formed in 1984.

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Costcon Construction Services provides cost consulting, pre-construction, and commercial construction services. Costcon specializes in consulting and construction in the following areas:

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You Can Trust

Costcon Construction Services is built on experience, integrity, performance, accountability, and excellence. Our clients know they can count on us to provide quality, accurate services within a dependable timeframe. We work with you as a team to reach the goals and objectives set forth at the beginning of the design process. Our main goal is to satisfy our customer and to ensure the outcome of the project meets and/or exceeds your expectations and is fully functional to its intended use. We pride ourselves on developing strong relationships with our clients to ensure successful and timely completion of projects.